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How to earn money by typing | How to find typing jobs in 2023

“Earn money by typing” In today’s digital time, there are a lot of remote job opportunities, and earning money by typing has become a good option for many individuals. Whether you have excellent typing skills or are looking to improve them, there are many online ways to explore. In this article, I will guide you through the process of leveraging your typing skills to earn money from the comfort of your home.

Understanding the Basics of Typing

Typing is a fundamental skill that plays an important role in various aspects of work and communication. The ability to type quickly and accurately can be very beneficial and enhance your productivity and efficiency. By utilizing your typing skills, you can increase your chances of securing typing-related job opportunities.

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is everything, employers value individuals who can type swiftly and accurately. Whether it’s data entry, content creation, or transcription, having strong typing skills allows you to complete tasks fastly and efficiently. Employers often seek candidates who can deliver quality work within tight deadlines, making typing proficiency a valuable asset.

There are various online job opportunities that specifically require typing skills. By understanding the various options available, you can choose the one that aligns with your interests and expertise and start working right away.

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs involve inputting data into spreadsheets, databases, or other online systems. These tasks often require attention to detail and the ability to work with large volumes of information that need to be segregated.

Data entry jobs can be found on freelancing platforms, job boards, or by directly contacting companies in need of such services. Here are some of the trusted websites you can sign up for and create an account in order to start working as a data entry specialist.

Transcription Services

Transcription involves converting audio or video recordings into written form. This type of work requires excellent listening skills, language proficiency, and the ability to type quickly and accurately.

These days you can also get your transcription work done with the help of AI like Chatgpt, which can make the translation just in a click. Transcription services are in demand for various industries, including medical, legal, and media.

Here are some websites where you can find work related to the transcription

Captcha Entry

Captcha entry jobs involve typing characters or numbers displayed on an image or audio file into the provided field. These tasks help train AI algorithms and are often available on specialized platforms. While captcha entry jobs may not provide enough income, they can be an option for those seeking to earn money by typing in their spare time.

Here are some websites that you can definitely try

Freelancing Platforms for Typists

Another method to earn money by typing is to provide typing services on freelance platforms. Freelancing platforms act as a bridge between clients and typists, providing a platform for job postings and project-based work. Some popular freelancing platforms for typists include:


Upwork is a widely recognized freelancing platform that offers typing-related jobs through connected clients directly with the typist. From data entry to transcription and content creation, Upwork connects clients with skilled professionals worldwide.


Freelancer is another well-known platform that enables freelancers to showcase their typing skills and bid on relevant projects. It offers a range of typing opportunities across different industries.


Fiverr allows typists to create service listings, known as gigs, and present their skills to potential clients looking for related services. By showcasing your expertise and providing quality services, you can attract clients and earn money based on projects you get through Fiverr.

Building a Typing Portfolio

To increase your chances of getting a typing job, it’s important to build a professional typing portfolio that showcases your skills and experience. A well-structured portfolio can help potential clients assess your skills and determine if you’re the right fit for their projects.

Creating a Professional Profile

Having a professional and attractive profile on freelancing platforms or job boards is essential to attract potential clients. Optimize your profile with relevant keywords, a clear description of the services you provide, and any certifications or related projects you may have.

A well-crafted profile enhances your credibility and increases your chances of being approached by clients for typing jobs.


Typing jobs can pay you a decent amount of money but in the start, you have to do some hard work to create your profile and project history. Also, Legitimate typing jobs should not require you to pay upfront fees or purchase specific packages, software, or tools. Be cautious of any opportunities that ask for payment before starting work those will be scams.

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