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How to Charge Apple Pencil? | Comprehensive Guide

“How to Charge Apple Pencil” Apple Pencil is a remarkable tool that enhances the capabilities of your iPad, allowing you to draw, sketch, take notes, and navigate with great accuracy. However, like any electronic device, it requires regular charging to ensure best performance.

In this article, I will guide you through the process of charging your Apple Pencil effectively. Whether you own the first-generation Apple Pencil or the latest second-generation model, I’ve got you covered.

How to Charge Apple Pencil

To charge your Apple Pencil, follow these simple steps:

1. Check the Battery Status

Before you start charging your Apple Pencil, it’s a great idea to check the battery status. On your iPad, go to the Widgets screen by swiping from left to right on the Home screen.

Scroll to the bottom and tap “Edit.” Look for the “Batteries” widget and tap the green plus icon to add it. Now, you’ll be able to see the battery percentage of your Apple Pencil at a glance.

2. Connect Apple Pencil to Your iPad

The first-generation Apple Pencil charges by connecting it directly to your iPad’s Lightning port. Remove the cap on the end of the Apple Pencil to make the Lightning connector visible.

Put the Lightning connector into the Lightning port on your iPad. A charging status indicator will appear on the iPad’s screen, showing you that your Apple pencil is now charging.

3. Use Magnetic Charging with Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

If you have the second-generation Apple Pencil, you can charge it wirelessly using the magnetic charging feature. Simply attach the Apple Pencil to the magnetic charging area on the side of your iPad.

The magnets will align the Apple Pencil in place, to make sure a secure connection. When the Apple Pencil is attached, it will start charging automatically.

4. Monitor the Charging Progress

While your Apple Pencil is charging, you can monitor the progress from the Batteries widget on your iPad. The battery percentage will increase gradually with time, indicating that your Apple Pencil is charging successfully.

Once the battery is fully charged, you can disconnect the Apple Pencil from your iPad and start using it again as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Can I charge my Apple Pencil with a wall adapter?

Yes, you can charge your Apple Pencil using a wall adapter. Simply connect the Lightning cable to the wall adapter, and then plug the other end into the Lightning port on your Apple Pencil. The charging process will be the same as charging it through the iPad.

FAQ 2: Can I use my Apple Pencil while it’s charging?

Yes, you can use your Apple Pencil while it’s charging. If you’re using the first-generation Apple Pencil, simply connect it to your iPad’s Lightning port and continue using it as usual.

But for the second-generation Apple Pencil, you can attach it to the magnetic charging area on your iPad and keep using it without any worries.

FAQ 3: How long does it take to fully charge the Apple Pencil?

The charging time for Apple Pencil varies depending on its battery level. Usually, it can take about 15-20 minutes to charge the Apple Pencil from 0% to 80%. However, to fully charge it from 0% to 100%, it may take approximately 60-90 minutes.

FAQ 4: Is it okay to leave my Apple Pencil charging overnight?

Yes, it is safe to leave your Apple Pencil charging overnight. Apple Pencil is designed with a smart charging system that prevents overcharging. Once the battery reaches 100%, it will stop receiving charging automatically, ensuring the long life of your Apple Pencil’s battery.

FAQ 6: How can I extend the battery life of my Apple Pencil?

To extend the battery life of your Apple Pencil, you can follow these tips:

  • Adjust the brightness of your iPad’s screen to conserve power.
  • Disable unnecessary background app refresh.
  • Disable Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Keep your iPad’s software up to date.

By implementing these methods, you can maximize the battery life of your Apple Pencil and enjoy uninterrupted usage.


Charging your Apple Pencil is a straightforward and easy process that ensures you have the power you need to unlock its full potential. Whether you have the first-generation or second-generation Apple Pencil, you can easily charge it using the methods described above.

Remember to check the battery status, connect it to your iPad or use the magnetic charging feature, and monitor the charging progress. By following these steps, you’ll always have a fully charged Apple Pencil at your ease, ready to bring your creativity to life.

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