09 February 2012

Mobile users are growing these days, I personally like to browse using my phone because you can use it anywhere. So blogs these days needs to adapt to this to deliver the information more  reliably. Since a mobile phone is much smaller than the monitor, you need to display only the information that the user needs.

What I have here is a simple solution to that! It converts your site into a mobile site that looks like an app using jquerymobile . It will work directly after install without any configuration. It also has a theme system that is similar to a WordPress theme . You can access the theme inside the plugin folder to modify the plugin to your needs.

Currently, you can install the plugin even without programming skills but you need the skills when you need to modify the plugin for your needs. I’ll add more features in the future to make it more “Non-programmer” friendly.


Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Download the plugin here:

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